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04/03/02-Seth Pharos

As you can see there is a little layout change I'll be going back to work on my other things site projects also. So you can expect more things :D


04/01/02-Seth Pharos

YEAH! I'm back ^_^ well this month is my birthday! I had time to go through things I did in my life, and I remembered Mystical Magic XD! And no I didn't really forget about it, lol. Somebody put a confundus on me, OK! I admit it! It was the school XD! I've been working very hard and it looks like it paid off ^_^' Anyway I'll start with a few updates today :D


01/13/02-Seth Pharos

I might not update that much for a month or so, just to let you guys know. Since, I'll have mid-terms in 2 weeks and I HAVE to study even if there's a chance of a teacher's strike o.o' (Which I secretly hope happens >D) Well, if it does happen I still have to study, just to keep my mind sharp ^.^ And I shall be finding some ways for this site to be a little bit faster and fancier. Anyway I am VERY VERY sleepy since I was in Banff today, it was colder there in the morning, and fun ^.^   Got to go now, cya all!


01/09/02-Seth Pharos

I HAVE been e-mailed several times about this sites high hits everyday which even seems to puzzle me! I am guessing and the chances of this are 100% is that somebody IS doing this (one that has no life and can waste their whole day refreshing). Who ever it is please do stop since we have been taken off the FF top sites. I AM NOW VERY MAD! Some are saying that I hacked for it o.o' which I know is not possible for me since I am a morally good and ethical person. SO WHOEVER IT IS PLEASE DO STOP! SINCE I AM VERY PISSED OFF AT THIS. For one, FF didn't tell me that they were taking us out. Second, I AM BEING ACCUSED! So please STOP this injustice before I AM force to deal with more heavier precautions.


01/04/02-Seth Pharos

I have added the books and some stuff. I've also placed the scrolling bar back on in the nav, and also took some scripts out to make the loading faster and non-computer crashing. =) I'll be adding more stuff soon I'm hurrying since it's almost time for school again U_U But, I just love working on the site! Anyway Cya =)


01/02/02-Seth Pharos

I added a Tea Leaves reading section >D Evil aren't I? Anyway, I'm now working on some 'images' >D! Which I will say is more Harry Potter related that the Tea Leaves where JK uses a different method than real life tea reading, one evidence of this is the Grim. Yes,, the GRIM! Scary aren't I? *Evil face* >D Anyway,, the grim isn't a real omen in the tea leave chart as far as I researched so far. I need to go work on the extra sections now, Cya =)


01/01/02-Seth Pharos

HAPPY NEW YEAR! =) I'm just so happy to see it's a new year and a new season. I have no updates, except that I had to sign up again at the FI Toplists since we disappeared for some reason O.o' But other than that, everything is fine. I'm working on a new section still. And I have been feeling quite ill lately so please excuse me. Anyway, that's all and cya =) 


12/30/01-Seth Pharos

As you can see we have a new banner =) which I have worked on for several hours. I have also created a contest for it, who ever identifies by describing (origin) and title of the pictures I have placed in the banner collage gets to be a moderator of 2 boards of their choice in the forum. Submit your answers in the topic I have placed in the forum. Click here to be linked to it

You can also see we now have a GBC walkthrough =). More will be coming soon.

We also have another affiliate which requested for it's button to be placed in the main page, I agreed since we are main affiliates to each other, I am planning to place another section up soon =) or two it depends. Cya now =) 


12/29/01-Seth Pharos

For some reason all the toplist except FF is stable, the rest are going amok or something. Anyway I'm sure you can see that I added a picture gallery for the Movie and it is more easier to browse. And I have used that same system today and applied it to the GBA screenshot gallery, so I'm sure that everything will be fine =) I'm also changing the banner 'again' XD! Since I'm just not satisfied with it,,, yet. And probably I also feel that a New Year deserves a new banner. I'll get going now cya all =)


12/28/01-Seth Pharos

I can now send screenshots of the movie,, once I find a program that can do it properly XD!! Anyway, I hope everybody enjoys the Arithmancy site =) I'm now gonna twist and turn the frame layout since we got the up and down finally working =) And I'll be in all day since it snowed =D!


12/26/01-Seth Pharos

I now have the Harry Potter PC game =) I bought it earlier today at Staples during the Boxing Day. My mom and I went from each electronic store to the other searching for the 'ideal' DVD player for our uses since out old one can only play VCDs now. Anyway, I am happy to say that the Harry Potter PC game is fun ^_^, well,, it IS a Harry Potter game, so of course it'll have the essence of fun XD! I need to sleep now cya =)


12/25/01-Seth Pharos


I added a little scrolling feature for the navigation bar at the left. The option is just right at Harry's feet at the top banner. I did this because I found that it was VERY VERY hard for people to navigate and use the site if they have a low resolution screen. I hope this helps =)


12/23/01-Seth Pharos

Phew, it's been a long time since I update. But since my series of tests at school I needed at most 3 days to rest before I got my webmaster spirit back up. I am adding an Arithmancy page to explain it, and I also won a prize from a Harry Potter Contest at London Drugs =)

Below are the pictures of them, I won a backpack, light up pen, metal bookmark, and a ornament. Below are the link to the pictures.



Light-Up Pen

Metal Bookmark

Ornament 1

Ornament 2

Ornament 3

Ornament 4

Ornament 5

Ornament 6


BTW, if any of you find any dead links please e-mail me about it at


12/17/01-Seth Pharos

As you can see I added a new page for news since I found that it was getting too long XD! Anyway, I'm now adding a simpler snow script. I hope you like it.


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