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12/16/01-Seth Pharos

Merry X-Mas to ALL ^_^ I added the snow script, just to get into the feeling... I'll now be working into listing the set of Cards of Famous Wizards and Witches.


12/13/01-Seth Pharos

Lemme see, I got a food section up ^_^ most of them are candies! Yumm... =D~~~


12/11/01-Seth Pharos

Hmm,, I got the GBC of Harry Potter and it was GREAT it takes more longer to play than the GBA too bad it has bad graphics. The gameplay was  FANTASTIC! SIMPLY FANTASTIC! The game was fully Roleplaying, not action like the GBA. I hope they create a Roleplaying Harry Potter for the GBA with better graphics. I also loved those Famous Wizard and Witches cards I like the one about keeping a sphinx in the garden in the Curses cards! IT'S JUST SO FUN! I'm now playing it the second time to get the next deck. I have to defeat it about 4 times to get all. And there also also more spells and items in this GBC version!!!! Anyway, I added out little site to FF as you can see in the left side ^_^ Anyway I have to go now cya =D


12/04/01-Seth Pharos

I hope that more people shall use the forum, I have put hard work into acquiring a worthy one. And a very useful one, YaBB ^_^ It is FAR more useful than the EzBoard since EzBoard is just ssssooooo easy and simple. I hope everyone SHALL use it ^_^ I'll also be working next on the Quidditch section.


12/03/01-Seth Pharos

The spells are done, well not completely. I'll still be doing some minor changes or additions. And I also got the beasts up, but that not ALL of it, we are still working on the ALL of the beasts, and we'll add some when we remember some ^_^ I'm glad I finished the spell section ^_^ Now I can move to umm other things like Quidditch!!! And I probably need a new forum, the EZboard is not best for me. Anyway, cya in a while ^_^


12/02/01-Seth Pharos

I WATCHED IT!! YEEPEE!! It was GREAT!!! I mean, it was THE BEST! I liked the Flying Lessons part best!!! Especially when Draco went around on his broom, it was awesome. I'm pretty sad that it was short, but that was quite understandable. Anyway, I'm finishing the editting of the spells. AND probably finding time for my little beasts.


11/27/01-Seth Pharos

I'm gonna watch the Harry Potter movie this weekend ^_^ And also good news, I'll be able to get screenshots of them up by umm lemme see... Probably by the end of December or the beginning of January. I'm working on the beasts section right now, and Zeus is working on a Quidditch section. All would be done majorly on Christmas holidays, I hope. Bya All.. For now ^_^


11/18/01-Seth Pharos

Please welcome Zeus ^_^ Well, it turns out we have 2 surprises, Zeus and TaDa! Our own Harry Potter walkthrough written by yours truly. Anyway,, I gotta upload now...



New staff person here! yep.. it's me.. the one you've all been waiting for. XD. Well, I 'll be updating a lot of stuff from now on. So, that'll give you a reason to come back to the site.


11/14/01-Seth Pharos

I'm now VERY happy ^_^! Anyway, please help me by advertising this site. It REALLY needs it. I'm going to have somebody working with the beasts section soon also. And I have a surprise ;)


11/12/01-Seth Pharos

I finished the screenshots ^_^ and I am now... adding or by the time you read this have a private chat and a public chat board for this site.. Including.... a drawing board for each ^_^. Everyone cheer!!! Note the private is for my use only ;) You need a password to enter it.


11/10/01-Seth Pharos

I got the GBA Version screenshots of the Harry Potter game!!! If you want to view them please go here. I'm also adding a contact me page.


11/8/01-Seth Pharos

I just updated the spells a little, my next project is the beasts ^_^. Anyway,,, PLEASE I NEED MORE MEMBERS ON THE BOARD! *Goes on knees and begs*


11/1/01-Seth Pharos

I'm now finishing my position paper, and possibly have time have time by THIS weekend to do some work on this site, IF my parents don't need me to go help them out with groceries and visitations. Anyway, back to work for me... Hmm... let see... 2 more paragraphs...


10/30/01-Seth Pharos

I am kinda in a VERY bad thing right now,,, I'm stuck doing my SS and LA homework! >.< I can't believe it! Fortunately, I got a member, 1 member to be exact in the forum, though they didn't post anything yet, I hope that that person will post someday in able for our forum to be popular, and once that happens I'll add an RPG board!!! I'll try and do everything in this site when the tests end for this term at school. I still didn't get any reply for moderating positions on the forum!! I can't believe this! Nobody wants to mod a forum X.x; In other forums people would flame each other for it. Anyway, I'll see you guys around (if any).


PS. I forgot to add reparo to the list of spells.. I'll add it now!


10/25/01-Seth Pharos

Sorry for not updating the site much, I've been VERY VERY VERY busy with my Social Projects from school. It's just do hard!

Anyway, I'll be updating the site seriously after school tomorrow. Anyway, I G2G now,, cheers. And please try to use the forum.


10/23/01-Seth Pharos

We now have a forum!!! So I now need people to join it PLEASE!!! And maybe I'll even let them be mods after I observe their socialization with other members for a week. But I can't choose WITHOUT members.

Anyway, back to the website, I'm getting the list of spells pilled up on a piece of paper right now, and I'm also getting the list of beasts and creatures! See you soon ;)


10/22/01-Seth Pharos

Greetings!, Well.. I'm now here, back and I finally found my old Frontpage. It's more easier to use and the best. ^^

And I also got the frames working, but not the links for the inner frames. But at least I'm almost finished the layout! Anyway, I better go study now, cya later. ~.^


I'll also start work on the link pages, after that I'll try to compile my own records of charms by reading the books all over again Oo;

Anyway, it'll be quality work. In the meantime I'll add some images and other things on ^_^.


10/21/01-Seth Pharos

Hiya all! This website is currently under construction due to the recent accidents caused by the Dementors coming by, causing several creatures of ours to cause havoc.  But not to worry the problem is being rectified.

Unfortunately, we'll be able to have the repairs done by Halloween ^_^

Anyway, I must go now.  Cya soon, I'll keep ya'll posted.


This page is also a  tribute to my friend C-Chan, Unmei and the other 2 foolish goons *Evil laughter*.


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